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The Government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Documents in Bioethics Digital Collection represents more than 40 years of documentation exploring and examining bioethics through the work of government agencies, both at the state and federal level, as well as through organizations that work outside of any single governing body.

The documents in this collection represent a small part of the overall collection of the Bioethics Research Library. Items such as pamphlets, short reports, agency summaries, and materials not otherwise suited for full cataloging found their way into the libraries article files. These files were compromised of loose items and bound materials that were classified using the BRL’s classification scheme and then filed for use by researchers the world over. This specific collection takes a subset of those materials and provides citations of the physical holding, and, where available, digital copies or links to digital copies of the document.

This digital collection is only a small part of the holdings of the Bioethics Research Library and will be added to and updated as new materials are processed.

You may leave feedback regarding this collection at the Bioethics Research Library's Government and NGO Documents in Bioethics Digital Collection page.

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