HPA No. 05-036 (In re. Metropolitan Club)

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HPA No. 05-036 (In re. Metropolitan Club)

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  • HPA Number: 05-036
  • Case Name: In Re: Metropolitan Club
  • Location: 1700 H Street, N.W., Square 166, Lots 841, 857 and 859
  • Date of Order: 01/14/2005
  • Type of Permit Sought: Subdivision
  • Disposition: Granted
  • Date of Case Summary: 06/12/07


The Metropolitan Club (the " Applicant ") sought an application for consolidation by subdivision of three lots. The purpose of the subdivision was to connect the Metropolitan Club, an historic landmark, and a neighboring office building, 1710 H Street, N.W., so that the two buildings could become one for zoning purposes. The subdivision would allow the office building to increase its height, convert its space from office to residential, and convert an existing mechanical penthouse to habitable space. The Metropolitan Club would be able to expand into a portion of the office building without changing the exterior appearance of the Metropolitan Club at all. The D.C. Historic Preservation Review Board recommended approval of the application as consistent with the purposes of the D.C. Landmark and Historic Preservation Act of 1978 (the "*Act*"), and the Mayor's Agent granted approval of the subdivision.

Necessary to the Public Interest:

The Mayor's Agent concluded that Applicant sustained its burden of proof in proving the project was necessary to the public interest because it was consistent with the purposes of the Act.

Consistent with the Purposes of the Act:

The Mayor's Agent found that the expansion of Metropolitan Club into a portion of 1710 H St, N.W., would enhance its facilities without altering the exterior of the historic landmark, and would help adapt the landmark for current uses, in accordance with the statutory standards for consistency with the purposes of the Act.


Title: HPA No. 05-036 (In re. Metropolitan Club)
Author: Government of the District of Columbia. Office of Planning. Historic Preservation Office
Permanent Link: http://hdl.handle.net/10822/761623
Date Created: 2005-01-14
Subject: Subdivision; Necessary in the Public Interest; Consistent with Purposes of the Act

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