• The Ethics of Research in Developing Countries 

      Gray, Ronald H.; Quinn, Thomas C.; Serwadda, David; Sewankambo, Nelson K.; Wabwire-Mangen, Fred; Wawer, Maria J.; Mullings, Anthony M. A.; Greco, Dirceu B.; Hearst, Norman; Cates, Willard, Jr.; Coates, Thomas J.; Handsfield, H. Hunter; Angell, Marcia (2000-08-03)
    • Quality of Parental Consent in Ugandan Malaria Study 

      Pace, Christine; Talisuna, Ambrose; Wendler, David; Maiso, Faustin; Wabwire-Mangen, Fred; Bakyaita, Nathan; Okiria, Edith; Garrett-Mayer, Elizabeth S.; Emanuel, Ezekiel; Grady, Christine (2005-07)
      OBJECTIVES: We surveyed Ugandan parents who enrolled their children in a randomized pediatric malaria treatment trial to evaluate the parents' levels of understanding about the treatment trial and the quality of the parents' ...

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