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dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationGiorgio Moroder Enterprises, LTD.; Vestron Videoen
dc.description.abstractWorld-renowned Oscar winning producer and composer Giorgio Moroder (Flashdance) has captured the essence of Fritz Lang s legendary futuristic masterpiece, Metropolis, in this brilliant recreation of the 1926 silent film classic vision of tomorrow. Using his award-winning musical expertise, Moroder has composed an electrifying soundtrack to match the film s visionary style, performed by some of today s top rock artists, including Pat Benatar, Freddie Mercury of Queen, Loverboy, Adam Ant and more. This immense science fiction epic is a bizarre vision of the future. The year is 2026 and the inhabitants of the world are divided into two classes: an elite ruling class who spend their time in futile pursuits, living in luxury on the planet s surface, and the working class, who toil below ground, doomed to serve from birth to death as slaves to the monstrous machines they tend. When the son of the ruler of the great city of Metropolis falls in love with a woman of the lower class, the stage is set for an earthshaking confrontation. This revitalized Metropolis has all the immediacy and excitement of the original with the added impact of Giorgio Moroder s vibrant soundtrack, surging new power into some of the most striking and moving images ever put to film. [In a totalitarian future, a mad inventor creates a life-like female robot to lead the workers in revolt.] [description taken from cassette box] [silent with subtitles]en
dc.subject.classificationScience, Technology, and Societyen
dc.titleMetropolis (1984)en
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