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dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationPyramid Filmsen
dc.description.abstractThe videocassette is a varied teaching aide with eight open ended dramatizations to stimulate discussion about ethical dilemmas which are based on actual cases. They include: The Old Person's Friend: portrays in a hospital setting the dilemma of whether of treat a very old incompetent woman who develops pneumonia (20.5.1). The Courage of One's Convictions: discusses the right to refuse treatment in the context of a young Jehovah's Witness member (8.3.4; 1.2; 19.4). A Chronic Problem: shows a chronically ill patient to illustrate the need for giving equal respect to acute and chronic patients (8.1; 9.8). Critical Choice: Allocation of Scarce Resources: resource allocation options involved in complex transplant procedures are presented in a case about a child who needs a liver to survive (9.3; 9.4; 19.6). Who Should Decide?: concerns prenatal diagnosis of a spina bifida fetus carried by a woman who has spina bifida, and presents the different views of the family in considering whether to abort or to have the baby (15.2; 12.3). Family Tree: social workers, a physician, and the mother discuss sterilization in an ectopic pregnancy where the mother has many societal problems (11.3; 9.1). If You Want a Girl Like Me: a teenage mother wants to stop treatment on a severely handicapped newborn while the father and his parents argue against such an action (20.5.2). Happy Birthday: considers the dilemma of a young Canadian chemist who has been offered a job working on chemical warfare weapons for the U.S. Army (21.3).en
dc.subjectChronically Illen
dc.subjectPrenatal Diagnosisen
dc.subjectResource Allocationen
dc.subjectSocial Workersen
dc.subjectSpina Bifidaen
dc.titleDiscussions in Bioethics (1986)en
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