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dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationJ. W. Gregg Meister, M. Div., Interlink Video Productions, Inc.en
dc.description.abstract"This videotape gives medical caregivers, clergy, laypersons, and patients an in-depth understanding of advance directives. It features Henry S. Perkins, M. D., Associate Professor of medical Ethics at the University of Texas Health Science Center. Perkins, a committed Christian, also served as a medical missionary in Africa. While discussing the medical and legal issues surrounding advance directives, Perkins shares his conviction that personal values should inform every such discussion. Although this particular videotape is not the forum in which Dr. Perkins shares his own faith in Jesus Christ, this program does provide an excellent opportunity for the religious and medical communities to minister ever more effectively to those in their midst." [quote taken from page 2 of the Leader's Guide] The VHS program is accompanied by an 11 page Leader's Guide prepared by J. W. Gregg Meister, M. Div., with Henry Perkins, M. D. and published by Interlink Video Productions, Inc. The Leader's Guide includes practical tips for showing the video and suggest activities to accompany the viewing. It also includes information for a Bible Study citing Biblical passages that may help guide Christians facing death and planning for the future time when death may occur. In addition, the Leader's Guide offers a two-paragraph "Statement of Belief" speaking of Christian faith and the orientation toward death that that faith belief encompasses. It is suggested that the "Statement of Belief" may be copied and attached to an individual's advance directive, power of attorney for health care or personal value statement.en
dc.subjectAdvance Directivesen
dc.subjectHealth Careen
dc.subjectMedical Ethicsen
dc.subject.classificationReligious Ethicsen
dc.subject.classificationLiving Wills / Advance Directivesen
dc.titleFrom Competence to Coma: Understanding Advance Directives (1992)en
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