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dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationRepublic Picturesen
dc.description.abstractAs head nurse in a pediatric ward, Susan Lansing (Spacek) has cared for hundreds of newborn babies... but none has touched her like Annie, an abandoned baby girl whose chances for adoption are destroyed when she is diagnosed with a fatal illness. Unable to accept the sad life that Annie seems fated for, Susan decides to adopt the child herself. With the help of a no-nonsense nanny (Plowright), she builds a new world for Annie... a world that is shattered when the birth mother (Parker) suddenly returns to claim the child she left behind. As these three very different women fight to give their love to one very special child, they discover the meaning of family where they least expect it... in each other. [description taken from cassette box]en
dc.subject.classificationReproduction / Reproductive Technologiesen
dc.subject.classificationCare of Dying Minorsen
dc.subject.classificationHealth Care for Newborns and Minorsen
dc.titleA Place for Annie (1994)en
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