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dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationChoices, Inc.; Amazon.comen
dc.description.abstract"When a couple is unable to conceive a child, one of the more controversial modern methods of helping them is 'surrogate motherhood,' in which a woman is hired, or volunteers, to bear the man's child and then give it up. But what if, as Susan Chamberlain did, the surrogate changes her mind and decides to keep the child? Whose baby is it?" [description taken from cassette box] A study guide for this program is available from Choices, Inc. At ethicskaplan.pdf. This guide is housed with the video in the NRCBL collection. "New conditions bring new choices. Today, advances in technology and changing social norms force us to confront ethical issues that rarely arose in the past. Sophisticated medical devices can keep a patient alive in ways that were once impossible. But what if a patient--or a patient's family--doesn't wish these mechanisms to be used? Another concern involves the end of life-- who decides when it occurs? If a terminally ill person chooses to die, does that person deserve medical assistance? Or how far can a child go when he believes his parents are abusive? Very often, such delicate questions must be decided in court. LANDMARK TRIALS OF MODERN ETHICS explores some of these remarkable cases." [description taken from cassette box]en
dc.subjectMedical Devicesen
dc.subjectTerminally Illen
dc.subject.classificationArtificial Insemination and Surrogacyen
dc.titleThe Battle for a Surrogate Baby: Kaplan v. Chamberlain (2002)en
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